Milk and Honey Elements – Sherry Single Malt 46% ABV.

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This is the February 2022 Whisky Pioneer subscription release.

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We travelled to Rhyme, Spain to choose a winery that would produce Oloroso and PX Sherry wines especially for us – (Pedro Jimenez) The Sherries were aged in barrels and are in fact the first and only kosher Sherry barrels in the world. Elements Sherry is a single malt whiskey based on sherry barrels and ex-barrels, which gave the whiskey powerful flavors of red fruit and dark chocolate.

Milk and Honey Distillery


We have a whisky here that is a shade darker than mid gold in colour, it has a very thick swirl line and thick syrupy legs.


Red berries, cereals and grains kick this bottling off. Sweet cream soda, followed by aromatic wood, a slightly botanical aroma, perhaps even floral, and a faint menthol aroma too.


First off this whisky has a nice mouthfeel, not quite oily but not water either, and it’s instantly spicy. Dark fruits are here from the year long seasoned Sherry cask share, bourbon spices too, and a little drying.

Figs, lychees, ginger root, cinnamon, dates, raisins, then bitter lemon, grapefruit, rose water, a mix of white and black pepper, and it’s mouth watering.

Eventually there’s spicy black liquorice, star anise, dark chocolate, cranberries blood oranges, and dates.


Quite long, and very warming, the spices linger for quite some time, at 46% it has plenty of punch too. Cigar leaves, some dunnage, black treacle, damp leaf litter and espresso coffee, again some drying.

My thoughts

Iv’e been waiting for a while to taste something from the Milk and Honey distillery in Israel, they’ve intrigued me since i first came across them. i found this bottling to be rather good in all honesty. There are plenty of aromas and flavours, and there’s no waiting around for them either, the palate is lovely and spicy, and the ABV comers across higher than 46% for me, the mouthfeel is also good. All in all this is a very nice whisky, certainly a cracking sipper with enough to entertain a more experienced whisky drinker i’d say, i’d certainly have a bottle in my whisky cupboard.

Bottle image courtesy of The Whisky Exchange, and the Whisky Pioneer website can be found here.


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