Millstone 3yo Peated PX Cask 2013-2016 56.6% ABV


This festival bottling is a Dutch single malt: lightly peated Millstone matured in a Pedro Ximénez cask. It is just 3 years old. Zuidam Distillery is behind the Millstone brand name.

Appearance: Autumnal auburn. A bold beaded swirl line with many medium to thick trails. A viscous film clings to the inside of the glass. After a while the beading morphs into many teardrops.

Nose: The big ABV is obvious but manageable. Caramel, milky coffee, honey and vanilla. Baking spices, blu-tak, wood polish, petrichor and dried fruits. Some red berry sweetness swirls around in the mix, adding another aroma layer and balance. It’s quite a mellow nose flavour-wise.

Palate: Big hit of ABV spice and warmth, there’s almost a fizziness. Even with the high ethanol, a sweetness shines through. Chocolate, caramel, red berry syrup and that milky coffee all take centre stage together, nicely balanced and harmonious.
Subtle Fruit and Nut chocolate bar, black pepper and citrus bitterness.

Finish: The Blu-Tak, citrus and chocolate notes all linger for a medium amount of time. The spice note is evident initially but fades before the other elements.

Overall: A nice dram. I assume difficult to find now but I enjoyed it a lot. The big ABV and balance between the sweet, spice and chocolate work well. It’s one of those warming winter drams.

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