Minor Case 45% ABV

minor case

Straight Rye Whiskey aged in cream sherry casks, from Limestone Branch Distillery.

Founded in 2010 by brothers Steve and Paul Beam, whose ancestral roots run deep in the bourbon industry – on both sides of their family – making them seventh-generation distillers.

Minor Case Straight Rye whiskey is dedicated to the master distiller and Steve and Paul’s great-grandfather, M.C. Beam.

Appearance: Light gold. Thin to medium legs

Nose: Oak, cherries, vanilla and honey. Some cereal notes, along with a touch of dark fruits. Blueberry HubbaBubba. Considering this has the lowest ABV of the group, it packs a punch on the nose.
There’s a sweet shop sweetness to this one too. Mixed foam sweets and the inside of those large quarter sweet jars.

Palate: Minor Case palate: Slightly thinner than the first couple, but still a nice oily arrival. Nutty and slightly drying. Blood orange, liquorice and bitter chocolate. Maybe even some mint going on too? There are sweeter notes to balance things. Brown sugar and honey being the main ones, with fruit gums in support.

Finish: The finish turns to a slightly more spicy side. White pepper and a tingling sharp heat. A touch of sugar and fruits try to balance.

Overall: A nice whiskey certainly. probably wouldn’t buy a bottle though

Image credit: Chilled Mag

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