Blind Tasting: SMWS 77.45 More layers than Shrek 59.6% ABV

more layers than shrek

Tasted blind and revealed to be SMWS 77.45 More layers than Shrek. All notes are prior to the reveal.

Appearance: Honey gold, very summery in appearance. A hairline swirl mark and a pleasingly oily corrugated coating around the glass.

Nose: Icing sugar, dark fruits, cereals and some barley. Stewed fruit pie. Again, not a high ABV I don’t think. I’d say in the 40’s again (I’ll narrow down though).
Getting some honey nut cornflake milk now.

Palate: Pleasing oily mouthfeel. Spicy and warming again with milk chocolate, black pepper and those cereals. I reckon 48-50% ABV judging by the palate.
Getting a slightly smokey note on the palate now, a little meaty side to the dram.

Finish: Black pepper and chocolate, dark fruits and a touch of chilli.

Overall: It’s a banger! Lovely collection of aromas and flavours that marry well and culminate in a wonderful whisky. Love the rich dark fruits and sweeter honey notes, while the spicy and meaty elements really balance it out.

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