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Excellence since 1859. Whisky crafted for today. A distinct style of Australian Single Malt Whisky finished in the world’s finest fortified wine barrels for exceptional flavour. The Morris family began producing fortified wines in 1853, now after six generations of continued tradition Morris Whisky continues this legacy of craftsmanship. Today, we combine decades of tradition, access to the purest Australian ingredients, our heritage still and ancient fortified casks with contemporary techniques to create a whisky that is a true expression of time and place.

Morris Whisky



Mid gold in colour, with a medium thick swirl line on my stemmed tulip glass, that drops slow running legs. 


Even though I’m sure this isn’t peated it does give off a smoke like aroma for me, like smoked nuts, and there’s a lot of fruit too, I think I need to sit with this for a while.

Strawberry toffo’s, blimey that takes me back, and nosing this with an open mouth I can taste it on the back of my palate. Floral with light perfume, cut grass, golden syrup, royal icing and eventually something akin to seaweed.

toffo sweet


At 40% ABV the mouthfeel is pretty good, and that Smokey nut thing is here too. It’s also quite spicy, and sweet, it’s a lovely combo tbh.

Red berries are very evident, perhaps leading to cranberries and blood orange rind, red liquorice with cinnamon, ginger root, hazelnuts. It has a flavour that isn’t easy to describe, the nearest I can describe it is as if it were a spicy strawberry jam tart.


The finish is medium long, the spices have dialled back a little now, and the red berries come forward more now, and end up mixing with cocoa or milky coffee. Waiting even longer and I’m thinking the red bobbly sweets in bags of liquorice allsorts.

My thoughts

Each month i eagerly await that month’s Whisky Pioneer subscription whisky sample to drop through my letter box, oooh, what’s it going be! This month they’ve managed to pick a whisky from another new distillery to me, and only the 2nd whisky iv’e tasted from Australia.

My initial thoughts on tasting it were that for 40% ABV it has a good mouthfeel, and that it comes across as being a higher ABV. Unexpectedly the first flavour i came across was smoked nuts, which are rather nice to be honest. All said and done this whisky is different to any other iv’e tasted so far, i’m presuming that’s because of the casks picked to mature the spirit in, it’s rather flavourful and i have to say that i really enjoyed it, i will be keeping my eyes on Morris whisky in future.

Whisky Pioneer’s website can be found here, and if you’d be interested in a 60ml sample of whisky to discover with a 100% recycled, reusable and recyclable plastic bottle please do take a look.

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