Murray McDavid Cask Craft Port Finish (Benrinnes) 44.5% ABV


Part of independent bottler Murray McDavid’s Cask craft range, which aims to showcase the variety of cask maturation and finishes thereafter. Initially maturing in oak casks, this whisky was treated to a finish in tawny Port barriques.

Appearance: Faded copper. A thick gloopy tide mark forms when swirled. Many thick trails cling to the inside of the glass, on top of the thick film that forms. A few teardrops appear that don’t quite get promoted to trails.

Nose: A good amount of alcohol and immediate sweetness. Steeped dried fruits, confectionary sugar, orchard fruits and candy cigarettes.
A little over-ripe banana and vanilla ice cream shower after a short time too.

Palate: A nice semi-viscous mouthfeel. Gentle black sugar, cinnamon and slight drying hit first.
The confectionary sweetness quickly follows with vanilla, honey, orchard fruits again and plums in syrup.

Finish: Short to medium. Subtle peppery spice, nectarine, foam sweets and a slight astringency. Sweet plum and faint berry sweetness linger in the background.

Overall: This was the neck pour and I liked it, a really easy pleasant sipper, well-balanced and a pleasing friendly flavour profile. I have a lot of confidence that, as the bottle disappears, it will get better and better.

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