Nc’nean Organic Single Malt Scotch Whisky

ncnean whisky

Nc’nean was built from the ground up, on the west coast of Scotland, by Annabel Thomas, Founder and CEO, after leaving her London job and spending four years raising funds.

They’re pioneers of sustainability, using only organic Scottish barley in a distillery powered by renewable energy and recycling 99.97% of their waste. Their 2 copper pot stills are powered solely by our biomass boiler too!

Even the wood chips for the biomass boiler are sourced from a local sustained forest, while all by-products are recycled as animal and plant feed on Drimin Estate where the distillery is located.

Their organic whisky is made from organic Scottish barley & matured in specially treated red wine and American whiskey barrels. Every bottle is certified organic, made in our 100% renewable energy distillery and bottled in a 100% recycled glass bottle.

These notes are for Batch 4: 5040 bottles distilled May – Sept 2017. A cask mix of 65% STR Red Wine, 35% Ex-Bourbon & bottled 23/11/20 – 16/12/20 at 46% NCF. Natural colour

Appearance: Summer honey, white wine. Forms a nice film on the glass, slowly morphing into medium legs

Nose: Quite delicate. A nice balance of sweet, floral and slightly spicy notes. Some oatiness, porridge with brown sugar sprinkled on top. Pancakes with honey now.

Very fresh smelling. The nose reminds me of a freshwater stream.

Got the slight mintiness, for me, it’s more spearmint. Now that the glass has been aired and swirled a while, I’m getting some more new-makey berry freshness.

As I went to take the first sip, I got freshly washed linen, drying outdoors (a first for me, nose wise!)

Palate: Spicier arrival than I expected from the nose. A bit more of a punch than those ‘delicate’ floral/sweet’ notes!

The second sip reveals more chocolaty notes, buttercream too. The spice remains but has subsided slightly now, cinnamon, cardamon and white pepper. Warms the chest too!

Getting that liquorice now and lots of sharp red berries. This evolves nicely in the glass, I assume the bottle too, it’s really lovely.

It balances really well but has that nice spicy surprise arrival on the first sip

Finish: The finish for me is sweeter than the arrival. There’s still spice, but it’s really nicely balanced

Overall: There’s the funk, it appears on the nose when the glass is nearly empty! A wonderfully balanced whisky. It evolves really well in the glass and offers something new at every sip. Wonderful.

Post content image credit: Nc’nean

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