Nikka 12yr old, 43% ABV.

nikka 12

Appearance – This whisky is mid gold with an Amber hue, It’s quite viscous on the glass and drops syrupy thick legs.

Nose – The initial aroma is eucalyptus, I’m going to say some red berry fruits too, like an Ex – red wine cask finish, there’s some dustiness, apricots, peaches, a little cereal and oat snacks like flapjacks. I also get a slightly smokey note, it’s very light, and a perfume note finishes the nose off nicely. With time it develops bbq meat notes, and pineapple.

Palate – Well, it starts off with quite a bit of spice, didn’t see that coming, a nice mouthfeel with white pepper, and quite a strong oak tang, red berries come through from the palate, they are quite sweet and try to balance the spice, they narrowly loose out, the perfume arrives again, along with some earthiness, the menthol is also there but very much diminished. This whisky is constantly trying to balance itself, and generally does a pretty good job, the spice slowly subsides and honey/mead ease into the finish.

Finish – The length is long side of medium, honey, vanilla, gentle oak, and a little white pepper, it’s all rather…….easy drinking.

My thoughts – This is a lovely whisky, it’s very easy going to be honest, I’d even say it’s elegant, there’s enough depth to keep me entertained, but it’s not a wow whisky for me, it just misses out on that extra something, which is a shame as the flavour profile is one I like.

Would I buy a bottle? – it’s a yes for the flavour, but a no for the price for me, if i found a bottle that was reduced price wise I would definitely buy one , it’s a real shame that it’s so expensive for a 12 yr old whisky.

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