Noah’s Mill Bourbon (57.2% ABV)

noahs mill

First off, Noah’s Mill is easily in my top 5 bourbons, so these tasting notes might be ‘slightly’ biased 😊
When I first tried NM I actually didn’t think much of it, so left it for a while.
When I went back to the bottle after a few weeks, it had transformed into something so special that I’ve been hooked since.
It’s not for the faint hearted, at 114 proof it packs a punch. But if you like stronger bourbons, particularly barrel strength, then I reckon you’ll really enjoy this.

Noah’s Mill is a NAS bourbon but is believed to contain whisky between 4 and 20 years of age.

Appearance: Bulmers cider/Tizer amber

Nose: Beautifully sweet but complex, cherry, rich dark fruits, baking spice, plenty of oak and wood spice, apple, quite a lot of citrus/orange peel. There’s also a ‘funky’ aroma that I only catch as the glass moves towards or away from my nose, but not while it’s under it?

Palate: Superbly oily mouth feel. Lovely sweet heat, cinnamon, cherry continues. Butter, mint and licorice follow too.

Finish: Herbal, mint and licorice to finish. There’s also the oak that’s been the underlying feature all the way through.

Overall: I love it, it’s beautifully smooth, oily and complex. Lovely warmth and just keeps giving.
But it
Try it
Now 🤤🥃👍

noahs mill

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