Noble Rebel Hazelnut Harmony 46% ABV

hazelnut harmony

Distilled, matured and blended under the expert eye of master blender, Michael Henry, using a combination of traditional swan-neck pot stills. Hazelnut Harmony is finished in toasted American oak casks.

Appearance: Straw/white wine. An oozy viscous film forms with a thick swirl line, many teardrops and plenty of medium trails.

Nose: The ABV isn’t that evident, quite a light nose. Initially confectionary sweet, with ripe orchard fruits in the background. Some mellow creamy vanilla notes appear soon after the fruit and sugar.
It’s a very easy-going and friendly nose.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. The sweetness is still there, but now more a simple sugar than a confectionary sweet.
The orchard fruits are still there, but softer and less prominent now. Subtle black pepper and cinnamon balance against the sweetness. Honey, light eucalyptus cooling and a nice gentle chest warming develop from the second sip.
Consistent with the nose, it’s a really ‘nice’ flavour profile: light, with sugar-dusted fruit and gentle spice. There is a slight copper note towards and into the start of the finish, but it’s faint.
The only nutty note I get is that of the skin of a hazelnut, rather than the nut itself.

Finish: The black pepper and sugar last for a medium length of time. Some astringency accompanies.

Overall: A pretty friendly and inoffensive dram. It won’t blow anyone’s socks off, but it’s an easy sipper and won’t break the bank.

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