Noble Rebel Orchard Outburst 46% ABV

orchard outburst

Distilled, matured and blended under the expert eye of master blender, Michael Henry, using a combination of traditional swan-neck pot stills. Orchard Outburst is distilled with Chardonnay wine yeast, an unusual ingredient in whisky distillation which helps to intensify fruit and citrus flavours in the finished blend.

Appearance: Light gold/sun-bleached straw. A thin film forms quickly, along with a beaded tide mark and many thin to medium legs.

Nose: Light on ABV. Honey sweetness, some fruit bowl notes with a tropical twist and a little garden mint.

Palate: Black pepper and lemon pepper hit the senses first, followed by some bitterness, orange and honey. Vegetal notes, such as cut grass and hay barn air swirl around the palate too.
There’s also a very slight drying on the roof of my mouth.
A buttery side does make itself known after some time.

Finish: The pepper notes linger for a short while. A slight honey sweetness appears briefly. A touch of salinity finishes the dram.

Overall: A little too light for my tastes. I’d say this one would make a great mixer or gateway blend. The tropical notes are lovely.

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