Noble Rebel Smoke Symphony 46% ABV


Distilled, matured and blended under the expert eye of master blender, Michael Henry, using a combination of traditional swan-neck, and it’s signature high and low-cut straight-neck pot stills. Smoke Symphony is finished in Rioja wine casks.

Appearance: Rose wine, a corrugated effect of medium legs around the inside of the glass. A thin beaded swirl line morphs into sporadic teardrops.

Nose: Light dying BBQ embers, caramelised steak and genetic BBQ sauce. Subtle milk chocolate and dried raspberry, along with vanilla ice cream.

Palate: The ABV, although carried well, is evident. A semi-viscous mouthfeel, some dryness and berry sweetness greet the palate first. The sweet smoke is still prominent. The meat element is really nice.
There’s a creamy flavour to the palate, like stout cask whisky, it just adds a layer of cream to everything. Lovely.

Finish: Short to medium in length. Some copper coin, berry-encrusted chocolate and that lovely sweet smoke.

Overall: A lovely dram. A great balance between the smoke and sweetness.

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