North Star Chaos Batch 2 50% ABV

north star chaos

Appearance: Autumnal orange, like a vibrant forest floor full of leaves. A gloopy chaotic beaded swirl line with plenty of medium legs forming.

Nose: Plenty of deep rich dark fruity aromas, some caramelised meatiness, cherry, some light smoke and some brown sugar encrusted crumble sweetness. This release carries the ABV better, it’s not as ‘in your face’ as Chaos batch 1.
Some eucalyptus, plum, liquorice and digestive biscuits.

Palate: There’s a nice balance between the sweeter fruity notes and the smoke. Some fresh mint, peppery salad leaves and that blood orange note (although it’s more pleasant in this.
Some black pepper, pine and the slightest drying.

Finish: black pepper dusted blood orange. It tastes slightly diluted now, like the base of the flavour seeps away too quickly and leaves watery remains.

Overall: I prefer this release to Chaos 1. It’s a better balance and has more depth and character. I’m not keen on the watery nature of the finish, however, as it’s the last thing you remember about the dram.

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