North Star Chaos Batch 3 50% ABV

north star chaos

Appearance: Light gold/white dessert wine. Very thin beaded tide mark when swirled. Many thick legs quickly form

Nose: Smoke and a rich sweetness. Red berries, almost overripe orchard fruits, This one noses lighter, zestier than Chaos 1 and 2. This one has more of a sand dune salinity with some organic sandwort notes. Again, this one is not ABV shy. A big ethanol wave hits the senses.

Palate: Lemon pepper-crusted smoked meat. Some chilli heat tingles on the tongue, a sharp jammy fruit sweetness ripples through the other flavour notes, which lifts the palate.
This one is the most drying of the 3 Chaos releases for me, at the back of the throat. This one is quite malty too, like the cornflake note in Irish whiskey.

Finish: Medium length. Still get those biscuits, more Maryland cookie than digestive now, there’s some added caramel. THere’s also a tinge of lemon.

Overall: This is my favourite of the 3 Chaos releases by some margin. It’s simply a nicer group of rich sweet flavours and very well married.

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