Octomore 10.4, 61.5% ABV.

Octomore 10.4

Appearance – Dark cooper in colour, beads up on the glass and has thick legs that give a rippling effect.

Nose – Rich fruity peat, red currants , morello cherries, sweet strawberries up front, then cigar leaves, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, Demerara sugar, slightly germoline take over, the peat is a little subdued for an Octomore, this does allow other notes to be easily accessed.

Palate – Cigar leaves, cask char, black pepper, bbq sauce, cinnamon, ash, liquorice, white grapes, cherry lozenges, peat, blood oranges, stem ginger, and dunnage. With water – the peat/ash is substantially reduced, we now have lemon rind, Jamaican ginger cake, icing sugar sweetness, cinnamon, and sultanas.

Finish – Medium in length, spicy, chilli, ginger, more cigar leaves, damp leaf litter, Autumn evenings.

My thoughts – A super robust young peated whisky with loads of flavour, it’s actually quite refreshing to be able to access flavours more easily.

Would I buy a bottle? – Even though it’s a young whisky, if I had the money available I would buy a bottle, imho it’s a super sweet fruit/peat fusion.

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