Old Forester 1870 Original Batch 45% ABV

Old Forester 1870 Original Batch

From 3 warehouse locations to replicate the original 1870 bourbon. Each of the 3 bourbons entered the barrel at a different entry proof and they are of different ages. It’s minimally filtered and bottled at 45% ABV.

Appearance: Vibrant oaky orange. A thick oily coating on the glass with quick-forming medium legs.

Nose: Plenty of oak, vanilla, ‘tangy caramel’ and especially orange notes for me. The ABV is just right and balances well with the aromas too.
It has a sharper and (as mentioned) almost ‘tangy’ scent too, not unlike the white wine cask we tried a while back.
There’s a confctionary sweetness too, like barley sugar maybe. Fir trees and pine freshness.
Marzipan/Mr Kipling almond slices now.

Palate: Fairly thin moutfeel. A little spicy arrival, whit pepper and hot cinnamon, a nice Kentucky Hug. A tiny bit drying, plenty of oak and that blood orange bitterness makes a faint appearance too now. OK, the more I drink, the more a pine note is evident. It’s also getting slightly more buttery and caramelised in texture and flavour.

Finish: The Finish is drying oak with a slightly bitter spiciness and pine wrapped in orange peel.

Overall: Medium. I don’t love it but I definitely don’t dislike it either. I’ll happily finish the bottle but probably wouldn’t buy another. A bit bitter and not enough mouthfeel.

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