Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whiskey 46.5% ABV

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On October 22nd. 1910, a fire on the bottling line halted production of Old Forester. Mature whisky ready to be bottled, instead was stored in a secondary barrel. What emerged was a delightful whisky, remarkable enough to become an entirely new expressions – Old Fine Whisky.

Today mimicking this historic bottling, this unique expression of Old Forester has undergone a second barreling, granting it exceptional character, a smooth and sweet flavor and a clean, crisp finish. Entering the second barrel at a low 100 proof allows more of the sweet wood sugars to dissolve into the whiskey. 1910 Old Fine Whiskey is the fourth and final expression of the Whiskey Row Series, presented at 93 proof.

Old Forester


This is more like the 1870 in colour, a touch lighter than mid gold for me, like the others it has a nice thick swirl line and slow medium and thick legs. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Now this one is sweeter again for me, more cherries this time and cough candy initially, there’s definitely a menthol edge, and it starts to nose spicy after a while. The hot mash potato thing is also here #TheWhiskeyChaps

I’m getting some darker fruits also, raisins and prunes mainly, black pepper, dark shag tobacco, perhaps even a Porter ale note too. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Not quite as thick a mouthfeel here, and I’m getting darker notes straight away. Black cherries and grapes, black pepper bit not overly peppery tbh, the spices are more subdued here. It’s nice as it allows easier access to the flavours. #TheWhiskeyChaps

I’m going to venture a banana flavour, definitely pushing foam bananas territory. And a play off of sweet lemon and apricots, then espresso, and cranberry drying, while the spices seem to slowly ramp up. I like this and it’s different to the the first two. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Medium long, and becoming darker, black tea, black liquorice, star anise, cardamom, cigar leaves, cask char, and yet a little sweetness does persist, that icing sugar again. #TheWhiskeyChaps

My thoughts

This was the first time of trying the 1910 bottling, and i have to say it’s a cracking offering. The ABV does bring more to this bottling than some entry level Bourbons. The aromas and flavours i found in the particular bottling are wonderful, i personally enjoyed it more than the 1870 bottling and i would definitely have a bottle in my whisk(e)y cupboard.

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