Old Perth Cask Strength Blended Malt 58.6% ABV

old perth cs

A cask strength edition of the sherry-matured Old Perth blended malt. Exclusively aged in sherry casks and bottled without chill filtering or colouring.

Appearance: Rich copper/dark ale. A thin beaded tide line quickly forms when swirled. Many lovely thick legs appear soon after and seep down the glass.
After a while, the swirl mark develops short teardrops and morphs into an upside-down crown.

Nose: Yes! A lovely warning hit of ABV, followed by a plethora of rich and well-balanced aromas, such as heaps of jam on buttered toast, dried fruits, icing sugar and gentle wood notes. Caramel and a touch of liquorice.
There’s also some subtle zesty orange peel and some cask to add to the mix too.

Palate: A nice semi-viscous mouthfeel. Plenty of spice from the alcohol, especially cinnamon, ginger and aniseed. A nice oaky element and that jammy buttered toast persist, which I love.
After a few sips, more berry sweetness shows and slight bitterness.

Finish: Long and luxurious. Plenty of the sweeter notes, with a decent dusting of the spices. The dram lashes you with a warmth in the chest and wanting more.

Overall: An absolute banger of a whisky. Really well balanced, full of ever-evolving flavours, friendly for a cask strength and offers plenty to keep you interested.
For £41, this bad boy should be on everyone’s shopping list, and it’s also going on our ‘best value whisky’ top ten!

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