Penderyn Portwood 46% ABV


Initially matured in ex-bourbon casks and then in Portwood casks.

Appearance: Rose wine. Semi viscous. A few medium legs form and a thin film coats the glass.

Nose: A nice ABV hum. Very sweet and floral. Confectionary sugar and Turkish Delight hit first. Almonds, shampoo, honey/syrup and faint wood notes.
There’s also a forest edge to the nose. Damp leaves and soil
I’m not keen on the nose. It’s too sweet and the sickly almond/marzipan note is off-putting.

Palate: A smooth buttery mouthfeel. The palate is more earthy and woody than the super-sweet nose would suggest. Some cinnamon and clove warmth.
There’s a decent chest warming and ABV tingle on the tongue.
A slight bitterness presents after a few sips, almost citrus but with a buttery edge, possibly blood orange or orange peel.

Finish: Medium. Blood orange, earthy notes and butter. Some ABV heat.

Overall: I can see why this may be liked by many but it’s not for me.
I don’t like the overly sweet almond notes on the nose. The palate is slightly better balanced, but not a balance of the right flavours for me. It’s also not rounded enough. I feel like it could be more refined and ‘finished’.

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