Port Charlotte Valinch 1st Fill Moulis Cask 13yo 57.9% abv

Port Charlotte Distillery Valinch 1st Fill Moulis Cask

A distillery exclusive from Bruichladdich Peated Islay Single Malt. The Distillery Valinch.
Cask Type: 1st Fill Moulis Cask Matured. Distilled: 28th November 2005 and aged 13 Years. Single cask bottling, one of only 419 bottles.
The below notes were made during a blind tasting. Dram kindly supplied by Peter Hunt (@uk_whisky).

Appearance: Tizer orange, bright copper. A good coating on the glass when swirled, medium legs quickly form and run down the glass.

Nose: initial ABV wave lifts to reveal fruit and a leafy funk. I like funk. There’s also more confectionary sweet notes within this one. Candy cigarettes, Lemon sherberts and a slight smoke again?! Smouldering stick.

Palate: Lovely thick syrupy mouthfeel. Dark fruits, buttery notes, baking spices and expressed orange. Nice depth and complexity, plenty to discover (with enough resources!).
Some of that ‘hot’ cinnamon, a big ‘hit’ of pepper sprinkled berry sweetness, some salt (not coastal). There are some leathery and dusty notes, that ‘old grand hotel lounge’ feel. After a time there’s some drying.

Finish: Medium. Sweet, spicy and a touch drying. There’s a butter note too. It’s a pleasant finish leaving you wanting more.

Overall: Very nice indeed. My preferred of the 3 blind drams this evening. WOuld buy a bottle at a slightly cheaper price (if I could find one!).

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