Port Dundas 16yo 58.0% ABV Ghost of the Canal (Brave New Spirits).

port dundas 16yo

Single Grain Scotch Whisky, ABV: 58%, Casks: First-fill Lafite Wine barrique, RRP: £85.95


Mid gold in colour, a medium thick swirl line that beads up immediately, tear drops hang just below, and several thin-ish legs drops.


There is an instant freshness on the nose, minty toothpaste, then damp leaf litter, evergreen boughs, another with a touch of antiseptic, greengages, green grapes, and dark shag tobacco leaves.

There’s perhaps a touch of sulphur on this dram, though it’s extremely faint, then pecans and dry seaweed come through.

brave new spirits


The mouthfeel on this dram is ok, not oily but not watery, and we’re into full on spice bomb. That’s had a lot of cask interaction. White pepper, and I have to say I’m getting sherry cask type notes atm. Stewed dark fruits, and a touch of sulphur.

Eventually limeade, cocktail cherries, cumin and cardamom appear. Barley sugar sweets, then black pepper, cola cubes, and blackcurrant jam finish the bulk of the palate.


Long side of medium, and as time’s gone by this whisky has thickened mouthfeel wise. Finish is much like the bulk of the palate, with black liquorice.

port dundas distillery

My thoughts

It’s fair to say that even though i’m definitely an advocate for grain whisky i have struggled most of the time with Port Dundas whisky. Unless it’s well aged iv’e found it can be very light, and when it’s been in sherry casks i usually find lots of sulphur and phosphorus aromas and flavours. Some love that particular “dirty” feel, but it’s not for me.

This Port Dundas isn’t very old in relation to how old many are, and it’s been in a new cask type to me, Lafite wine barrique, which really piqued my interest to be honest. Well it turns out that this particular Port Dundas is one of, if not the best, Port Dundas iv’e tried, and the cask has had lots of influence on the whisky. It’s quite an unusual pairing, and it works so well. It’s a bottle i’d enjoy for sure.

This whisky was part of a Tweet tasting with Brave New Spirits, as part of their Cask Noir series. A big thank you goes out to them, and Steve Rush, for the opportunity to be a part of this tasting. A thank you goes out to Steve Rush for the use of his bottle image with info.

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