Premium Octave range: Braeval 1996 51.1% ABV


A 25-year-old single malt aged from 1996 to 2021. Bottled at cask strength there were 86 bottles released.

Appearance: Rose gold with an almost pink tinge. Big thick swirl line and legs, very viscous.

Nose: As is the consistent element tonight, great level of ABV. Quite floral and syrupy, white wine and red apples. This one smells deeper, more complex and more decadent. Plenty of dark fruits, an almost fruit liqueur quality. There’s a slight funkiness with this one too. It’s not obvious but adds another layer.

Palate: Good mouthfeel, nice and viscous. Spicy: Chilli and black pepper. Smouldering wood, earthy/leafy, a slight metallic twang and oranges. Turkish Delight? It’s a tongue tingler too, almost like a popping candy feel.

Finish: Medium to long in length. Spicy with that liqueur pop. Chilli and black pepper. Some citrus notes. A chocolate flavour shows up right at the end too, softening proceedings and leaving you wanting more, just at the last minute.

Overall: It’s a very nice drop indeed. I’m not sure I could stretch to the RRP but very glad I got the chance to try it! It’s got more layers than an onion and would keep your taste buds entertained for the entire bottle I’m sure!

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