Rebel yell Bourbon Cognac Cask finish, 45% ABV.

rebel yell cognac finish

Appearance – It’s mid gold in colour, very viscous on the glass, and has very slow thick legs.

Nose – Deliciously sweet strawberries, raspberries, some loverly menthol, cereals, and there’s a dustyness, old leather, and pears. There’s some cinnamon and ginger spiciness and balancing royal icing too.

Palate – Lovely warming spiciness, white pepper, cinnamon and ginger, a good amount of oak, just right, the fruits are a little more restrained than the nose offers but they are there. Menthol is coming through now, with wood varnish and vanilla.

Finish – Long, warming, spicy , plenty of oak, blood oranges, white pepper, chilli peppers, cinnamon, and linseed oil glazing putty.

My thoughts – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Bourbon, it’s so fruit juicy, and it makes me salivate to be honest, and it becomes peppery over time, very nice.

Would i buy a bottle? – This bottle is a definite yes for me, these finished Bourbons are rather nice in my opinion.

Thanks to – Lux Row distillers, Chapman pool PR, @TheWhiskyWire and @TweetTastings (Twitter).


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