Redbreast 21yr old, 46% ABV.

Appearance – This Whiskey is deep Gold in colour, it’s super viscous on the glass, almost syrup like, and has very slow running thick legs.

Nose – This is a full on nose, it’s packed with dark fruits, sultanas, figs, a touch of cloves. There’s a menthol freshness that’s easily accessed, along with cinnamon pastries, tropical fruits, pineapple cubes, dried mango, and stoned fruits, apricots, nectarines and peach melba. Some brown sugar brings up the rear.

Palate – There’s a super syrupy mouthfeel, and the fruits are mainly darker on the palate, sultanas, figs, and cloves as the nose does, there’s cranberries, black peppercorns, cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg bring some spice along. There’s also a savoury meatiness, cola cubes, old leather, linseed oil, black liquorice, and brown sugar again. To be honest I could nose and taste this for quite a while, and these notes could go on a whole lot longer, it’s literally packed with it.

Finish – The finish is loverly and warming, with quite some length to it. Oak comes more into play now, mixing sublimely with dark chocolate and cinnamon, there’s a loverly pepperyness with candied lemon slices right at the very end.

My thoughts – This Whiskey is one of the best Pot Still Whiskeys I’ve tasted, it’s also one of the best Whiskeys/Whiskies I’ve tasted of any type, it’s so packed with deep sweet stewed dark fruits, it’s juicy, and it doesn’t finish there, there are wonderfully married spices and oak too, an absolute pleasure to imbibe.

Would I buy a bottle? – It doesn’t come cheap but i have to say yes, every drop from the bottle would be a joy to experience.

Notes – This is a Single Pot Still Whiskey, that’s been triple distilled and matured in first fill Oloroso sherry and Bourbon casks. I have found no information regarding Chill filtering and colour.

Thanks to – @GeoffGilmore1 (Twitter).

Picture credit – The Whisky Exchange.

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