Redbreast Lustau, 46% ABV.

redbreast lustau

Appearance – Dark gold in colour, beads up on the glass, is very viscous, and slow thick legs.

Nose – This kicks off with some maltyness, cherry throat sweets, and some furniture polish. Green apples and pears show through, and then we have sultanas, Demerara sugar, dark rum notes, clove and dark chocolate.

Palate – Apple strudel, pears, pineapple cubes, and some furniture polish again, it has a loverly warming palate, with white pepper and white grapes. It slowly develops into stewed dark fruits, cinnamon, with a little Cocoa bitterness. It’s very robust and rounded.

Finish – A loverly long finish, with oak, dark fruits, and black pepper.

My thoughts – As a lover of Redbreast whiskey I find this to be another super bottling in their range, lots of flavour, very robust, warming and well rounded.

Would I buy a bottle? – Yes, it’s a no brainer for me, loads of flavour at a great price.

Thanks to – @BertSmedley on Twitter

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