Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon 45% ABV


From Redwood Empire in Sonoma County, California. Named after the 14th tallest tree on earth. It was produced with a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley,

Appearance: Lager amber. A decent thick swirl line, with some medium/thick legs. No teardrops to speak of.

Nose: Quite subdued and an almost diluted note. No ABV effect at all really.
Cherry, oak, caramel and some orange peel greet the nose first. Turkish Delight: confectionery sugar, some almond and rose water next, floral for a bourbon.
The sweeter element grows quite quickly as the glass matures. Honey and foam bananas in particular.

Palate: Thin, no viscosity at all. As with the nose, it feels watery. An artificial cherry note dominates, with some black pepper and aniseed. The bitterness is really offputting.

Finish: Short and full of black pepper, bitterness and mineral water.

Overall: No thanks. Watery and uninteresting.

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