Roe and Co 2020 Cask Strength 58% ABV (blind tasted).

roe and co 2020 cask strength
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A lovely golden orange in colour, decent swirl line and a handful of medium thick legs.


Initially there’s quite a bit of wood here, it’s also got a dusty feel about it, with wood oils and a menthol freshness. A faint perfume aroma mixes with almonds, a light marzipan note, royal icing, hickory and old style glazing putty.

After some time red fruits are coming through with the chunks of rose flavoured blocks from a box of Turkish delights.


Straight off this has a super syrupy mouthfeel, and the ABV is quite high, it’s a spicy meatball ok. Dark chocolate coated ginger biscuits, plenty of cinnamon and cardamom, that Turkish delight rose aroma is also here on the palate.

Them I’m getting grapefruits, lemon sherbet, orange rind, and darker fruits, stewed dark fruits, black liquorice, pecan pasties, cloves and dates, and the spiciness really does hang around. More time brings cigar leaves with a dusting of caster sugar. It’s certainly a chest warming drop this.


Quite long and still lovely and spicy, tingles on the tongue too. More stoned fruits are coming through, apricots and nectarines, with espresso and liquorice Allsorts, and a faint drying, it’s a very nice drop indeed.

My thoughts

From looking at this whiskey in the glass it showed potential, nosing it confirmed as much, and the palate showed a bold, spicy, well married and rounded whiskey, and i have to say it’s very good. There aren’t too many whisk(e)ys iv’e come across where i get so many aromas and flavours that i could literally go on and on with them, but this one has. In my humble opinion it is in that “Wow” bracket, it’s a belter, absolutely gorgeous, and i wish i’d bought a bottle.

Notes – This whiskey was fully matured in port casks, and is presented at natural cask strength, and i believe it’s natural in colour and non chill filtered.

Thanks to – _PMcDermott for sending this sample.

ImageDram Street.

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