Roe & Co 13 year old 2021 58.6% ABV


A 13-year-old Single Grain with Alligator Char New Oak finish. Matured in ex-bourbon casks, this whiskey is then finished in heavily ‘ alligator charred’ New Oak casks.
The 3rd in a series of Cask Strength Irish Whiskeys released by Roe & Co. It was awarded Gold in DB & SB Autumn Tasting 2021.

Appearance: Honey gold. An oozy film coats the glass nicely with medium legs and plenty of tear drops.

Nose: Big hit from the ABV instantly. Pear, stoned fruit, custard, cinnamon and clove. Lemon sherbert is up next along with some dusty leather notes.

Palate: Wood ash, grilled lemon, honey and a light buttery note. It’s a touch grippy. As the glass matures more sweet elements appear in the form of confectionery sugar and dried bananas. The spice notes edge towards chilli heat but are still just short, like black pepper.

Finish: medium in length. Chilli chocolate and icing sugar. Some lemon and honey.

Overall: A pleasant dram. I’m not blown away but wouldn’t say no if offered one. I reckon it’s one that would taste best halfway through the bottle.

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