Rosemullion Malt Whisky 43% ABV


Fermented, distilled and aged in Cornwall. Fermented with peated malt barley, distilled & aged in American Oak.

Appearance: Amber/autumnal. A heavily beaded tide mark, with plenty of teardrops and numerous thick viscous legs.
A decent tacky film enveloping the inside of the glass.

Nose: Quite light on the ABV, not getting much at all. Heavy on the bourbon aromas: honey, vanilla, caramel and oak initially.
Some lighter orange blossoms and the bark emerge after a short while, adding some balance to the predominantly sweet elements.
Some plasticine and the inner tube float around in the background, faint, but noticeable.

Palate: The palate presents the ABV more prominently. Spice forward on arrival with white pepper flavour, but not the heat. Liquorice, those bourbon flavours consistent with the nose and a touch cloying.
It’s definitely got a unique flavour profile, which is a positive. It’s quite stable and ‘of the land’ (not going to mention the ‘T’ word though!
As with the nose, the palate is pretty well balanced, there’s nothing dominating here.
Some honeyed cereal notes, along with quite a perfumed note, like the ground floor of John Lewis!

Finish: Medium to long.The peppery cereal notes, along with honey, vanilla and that perfume.

Overall: Again, a Cornish whisky that has really surprised me in a good way (not sure why I was expecting less). Plenty going on and pretty well-balanced. It actually reminded me of Element 8 rum.
Nice 👍

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