Ruadh Maor (Glenturret) 2011, 8yr old, 47.5% ABV, CÀRN MÒR, (Blind Tasted).


837 Bottles from 2 casks.

This bottling was blind tasted during our Whiskey Chaps blind tasting #3 on the 7/1/21 with @RockNRolla60 and @gordonsmith63, Twitter follow buttons are at the bottom of this review.

Extra notes from sampling this whisky again after the blind tasting are added to the end of the notes in brackets.

Appearance – This one is so light, white wine, light straw in colour, it slowly beads up on the glass, and slowly drops thin legs.

Nose – That’s a decent ABV, and we’re into sweet peat, ash, some bbq meat notes but not overly strong. There’s a loverly sweetness too that runs through this, icing sugar, there’s minerality but it’s quite fruity too, (toast, bread, pastry, strawberry jam, jammy dodgers).

Palate – Yeah there’s the peat and ash, decent mouthfeel too, a sweet lemon note, a little Germoline, an oiliness, (ginger, red berries, and toast).

Finish – It’s a long side of medium finish for me, very oily, a little spicy, I’d say warming is the best descriptor for me, a little citrusy, salinity. I’m torn on where this is from tbh, (white pepper, grapefruit, and sweet cherries).

And the sample was.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour and non chill filtered.

My thoughts – This is another awesome bottling to be honest from Carn Mor, i have tried some of the Glenturret core bottling which are also very good, as well as other Carn Mor bottlings that have all so far been very good.

Would i buy a bottle? – Yes without a doubt, a very good quality whisky indeed.

Picture credit – @RockNRolla60

Thanks to – @whiskeychap, @RockNRolla60, @gordonsmith63.

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