Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire & Sherry Casks & Cask Strength 10-Year-Old (Batch 01) 56.3% ABV

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The same 10 year old (from an undisclosed distillery) that Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire is made from, but instead of just 25% of it being finished in sherry casks, it’s all finished in sherry casks! It’s also bottled at cask strength

Appearance: A lovely warm oak. Oily and thick legs, lovely

Nose: Coastal air, distant beach fire and BBQ meats, covered in sweet sticky sauce! Another belter of a nose! The sherry influence is very well balanced, it’s strong, but everything is with this, so it just works. It’s reminiscent of a couple of wine cask finishes.
Deep red fruits marry well with the peat. There is a specific seaweed aroma in there too, under the general coastal smell

Palate: Great delivery on the palate, buttery mouthfeel, coats the tongue. A mixture of the sweet and salted flavours, then the peat hits. And all with that lovely heat from the ABV! Nice!
The second sip reveals more of the red berries and sherry influence. Rich stewed fruits, buttery pastry and Christmas spices.
This is a Christmas evening sipper for sure, just to get the blood alcohol levels to the roof!
Touch of chilli in there too, like the last dab chilli sauces? Hot as hell but also have a nice taste besides the heat!

Finish: Spice is definitely building, and the dominant force in the finish, which is expected given the ABV I guess.

Overall: A beast of a whisky that takes no prisoners and is uncompromising. That said, it’s well balanced, full of flavour and aroma layers and a real journey of a whisky.

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