Safe Haven 2014 (probably Ledaig) Murray McDavid 50% ABV


The ‘Mystery Malt’ series of limited releases come from indie bottler Murray McDavid. The Safe Haven, has been matured for six years in a bourbon hogshead before being finished in a Ximénez Spínola sherry cask. A small batch release at 50%, natural colour and non-chill filtered.

Appearance: Honey gold. A nice thick and oily film forms on the glass instantly. Plenty of thick legs and many small tear drops.

Nose: Smoke and coastal notes. Well done BBQ meats and lemon infused olive oil. Black pepper and pleasing sweeter berry element too.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. The smoke and coastal notes continue into the palate. Grapefruit, honey/vanilla and black pepper follow, both mild and shrouded by the heavier smoke. A pine minty flavour lies beneath too, adding an almost menthol layer. There’s a nice balance and it’s all well married.

Finish: Medium to long. Smoke, grapefruit and black pepper longer for some time.

Overall: Pleasant enough and for under £50 it’s a good deal.

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