Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye 48.3% ABV

Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye

After ageing for 4 to 5 years in high-char new American oak barrels, the whiskey is transferred into toasted wave stave barrels for an additional 18 months.
Finally, the whiskey is proofed with limestone-filtered water from their spring house, built in 1909.

Appearance: Very dark, mahogany. A beautifully oozy coating on the glass. Looks lovely!

Nose: Sweet spices and mint. Clearly rye, with the telltale spicy grains and cereals.

Palate: Decent mouthfeel, not luxurious, but definitely not thin.
Spicy and an odd chemically tinge. Quite bitter, blood orange and wood chips.
A black pepper heat builds throughout, creating a nice general warmth. The heat culminates in a Fireball gobstopper type cinnamon heat.

Finish: Spice and wood. Quite short, but with a buttery note that’s nice.

Overall: It’s ‘ok’ but forgettable. It’s not well-balanced enough to be worth the £70 price tag.

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