Secret Islay 10yo Master of Malt Single Cask 59% ABV


Distilled on Islay in 2012 and spent a decade maturing in a hogshead cask.

Appearance: Summer honey, light gold. A thin micro-beaded tide mark forms when agitated. A few medium trails form within the semi-viscous film around the inside of the glass.

Nose: Sweet ashy smoke, vanilla, honey and icing sugar. Quite a mellow nose, no real ABV, especially given the near 60% ABV! Some grilled tropical fruits and custard tarts become more prominent as the dram matures. It’s a very friendly and pleasant nose, if not a tad one-dimensional.

Palate: The ABV plays more of a part on the palate, immediately giving a spice tingle: Cracked black pepper, cinnamon, bitter orange, honey and vanilla. A little dry on the palate, the more I drink.

Finish: The slight bitterness and acidity, together with black pepper and icing sugar all last for a medium amount of time.

Overall: Not for me, it’s a little boring if I’m honest, nothing ‘bad’, just noting of interest.

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