ShelterPoint Single Malt 46% ABV

shelterpoint single malt

“Established in 2011, Shelter Point Distillery is located on 380 acres in Oyster River, BC, about halfway up the eastern side of Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. The land encompasses 2,000 metres of spectacular oceanfront, a natural mosaic of streams, a salmon-bearing river, wetlands, forests and fields — all shared with native wildlife, from bald eagles and great blue herons to black tailed deer and black bears. Farmed for generations, Shelter Point remains one of the last seaside farms on the Island.”


Appearance: Honey gold, light cider/apple juice. Nice oily coating, medium legs.

Nose: Loads of icing sugar, vanilla, foam sweets, banana, the slightest touch of spice. A nice rich nose has depth and layers. Quite plummy too, stoned fruits and some red apple thrown in. There’s some berry sharpness partnering the more mellow hum of the sugary stoned fruits too. It;s a lovely nose. Not getting wood at all. There’s a cardboard quality to the nose, but it’s subtle, definitely not one of the dominant aromas for me. A slight herbal quality hidden underneath the abundance of sweet shop aromas. Just adds a nice understated balance. Getting shed loads of banana now that the glass is emptying.

Palate: It’s got a lovely viscous mouthfeel. Spicier than the nose. Black pepper and cinnamon predominantly. There’s a bitter lemon quality to the palate, a slight drying too. Fireball jawbreakers going on here. Getting bitter orange peel and chilli now, a sharper heat if that makes sense. There’s an underlying vanilla/honey sweetness that keeps things friendly.

Finish: The finish for me is the citrus and cinnamon heat. Short to medium, not lingering for too long. There’s a touch of high cocoa dark chocolate too.

Overall: Overall: I’d definitely buy this bottle. It’s solid, interesting and a really nice tasting whisky. There’s plenty of friendly fruitiness and sugar, but also the spice and bitter citrus to keep things interesting.
It’s a great intro whisky in general and especially to Canadian whisky!

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