Shenk’s Homestead Sourmash Whiskey 2019 (45.6% ABV)

Shenks Homestead

Colour: Deep amber/blood orange juice.

Nose: There’s a lot going on, which is great, nice and complex. Orange peel, what I imagine a dairy creamery would smell like, thick richness, umptious, caramel (maybe slightly burnt sugar), sponge cake and slight spice. The depth of flavour matches, if not exceeds, the rich amber colour.

Palate: Chocolate in a glass. I’m still in the dairy! Thick, syrupy, buttery goodness, beyond oily! The sponge cake is still there in spades, as is the spiciness which is slightly more prominent now. Cloves show up, along with plenty of malt and oak.

Finish: Short to medium. Buttery and sweet with a hint of the charred oak.

Overall: Good lord this is a great whiskey! Top 5, if not top 3 for me! Love it

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