Silkie Cask Strength Batch 1/21 64.3% ABV

silkie cask strength

To celebrate the natural colour Silkie blend, just 396 bottles of The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey were released at cask strength (64.3% ABV).

Appearance: Gold/honey, a white dessert wine maybe, that ‘thicker’ gold. A good oily coating on the glass and medium legs slowly form

Nose: That lovely honey-soaked and buttery cereal aroma, a touch of expressed lemon and a hint of sweet smoke. The CS ABV level works really well on the nose, lifts everything out of the glass and it takes on another level! Leather armchair notes, some dusty furniture covers and a touch of clove maybe. Now that I’ve had a couple of sips I get that butterscotch/toffee aroma from the glass in large waves, very nice indeed!

Palate: Lovely mouthfeel and an uncompromising spicy-sweet blast on the tastebuds. A real fruit hit that is quite sharp but quickly melts into a more subtle fruitiness. Like white pepper covered raspberries and plums. After a few sips, the more spicy side starts to dominate a little. I like how it’s evolving. Also, this is a dangerously drinkable CS! Jam & butter Weetabix with a pepper dusting. There’s a slight Benylin style cherry menthol too.

Finish: Finish: Quite long – Cinnamon heat (fireballs), a touch of chilli, some herbal notes, BBQ meats and smoke, red berries (raspberry ripple red bit!).

Overall: The CS attack on the senses on that first sip is wonderful. Full-on flavour. After that, you’re on a journey of flavour and aroma as the whiskey evolves. I’m so glad I grabbed a bottle of this, will have to nurse it now though!

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