Single Malt Batch No. 6 46.5% ABV

dingle batch 6

Single Malt Batch No. 6 46.5%, also triple distilled, non-chill filtered & £70 while stocks last! The 6th release comprises malt #whiskey matured exclusively in Tawny Port Casks. The first such release from Dingle.
15,000 bottles of Batch 6 were produced with an all-Port maturation & with an additional 1,000 CS bottles available, but selling out almost immediately.

Appearance: Dark rose wine, autumnal. Thick oily swirl lines and legs quickly form and slowly seep down the glass.

Nose: Rich dark fruits, plums, blackberries, confectionary sugar.
Some of the familiar (to me at least) crunchy nut cornflake, a malty and oaty aroma that I got with other Dingle expressions, which is a nice consistent element.
As the glass matures it becomes sweeter and fruitier, with lots of plum jam.
There’s also the faintest funk, like a tangy cheese. Not unpleasant at all, it provides balance. Cheese pairs well with fruity chutney!
It’s a really rich and indulgent nose, lots going on and evolved nicely in the glass.

Palate: The palate is more recognisable as Dingle. The malty, cornflake and mellow spice hum that we all recognise from this distillery.
The cask influence adds a lovely sweet jamminess to proceedings, it’s a really lovely layer of flavour that you hope for when you see the words “Fully matured exclusively in Tawny Port Casks”, and those casks have really delivered.

It reminds me of sweet blackberry dessert wine that I had once from a local farmers and crafts market. It’s got a fruit purity running through it.
I’m getting a slight smokiness now, that sweet distant BBQ smoke

Finish: Short to medium in length for me, the finish has a spice note to it, mild chilli and black pepper. The fruit backbone is still very much evident, as is vanilla, malt and peanut butter.

Overall: Tawney port does it again, a great choice of cask by Graham. It’s got a lot going on, but there is a lovely fruit jam consistency that holds this together and balances well with the more mellow malty and oaty flavours and subtle spice. Very nice indeed and I’d say my favourite Dingle expression so far.

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