Slyrs Champions Malt 40% ABV

slyrs champions malt

Connected by our common homeland, our passion and the pursuit of perfection to be the best in our trade, we created the CHAMPIONS MALT.

As a Whisky-Pioneer sets SLYRS since 1999 standards in things Whisky-Competence. Made from the best Bavarian grain, mountain spring water and a love of craftsmanship. Founded in 1900, FC Bayern Munich is both the German record champion and record cup winner. Together we stand for Bavarian success and the highest quality. This is how the joint idea for CHAMPIONS MALT came about. Our exclusive MALT Whisky first matured for 3 years in barrels made of new American white oak and was then stored in selected wheat beer barrels for a further 6 months. An absolutely extraordinary Whisky-Finish!

Slyrs whisky


Light gold in colour, damp straw is pretty close. It leaves quite a thick swirl line in my Glencairn glass, and drops several thick legs.


The nose is initially a little vegetal, wood is evident but not overpowering, and there’s a sweetness, vanilla crown pastries. 

More time and sweet red berries start to make an appearance, tropical muesli and apricot flapjack too. A faint perfume not also comes through.

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The mouthfeel initially is a little on the thin side, but the palate is quite flavourful. It’s spicier than I expected, vanilla and cinnamon, white pepper are the main reason, and I can’t help feeling I’m getting a meatiness too.

More time and a minty freshness comes to the fore, and it’s still spicy. A rum and raisin type flavour then develops, leading into milk chocolate and dates.


The finish is short to medium, and it gives me hazelnuts, with vanilla syrup in black coffee. The spices are still hanging around to be honest. Eventually it does become drying, with a touch of grapefruit pith and bitter lemon.

slyrs distillery

My thoughts

Slyrs whisky is something iv’e been aware of for a little while, i’d seen their bottles posted by fellow whisky lovers on social media a few times. They are a distillery that intrigues me, so when my whisky friend Phil said he’d send me a sample i was rather excited. It would be the first whisky i’d tasted from them, and only the second whisky i’d have tasted from Germany.

I knew that i’d be tasting a very much entry level ish whisky, at 40% ABV, but the maturation was new to me, being finished in wheat beer barrels. I wasn’t expecting a “banger” of a whisky, i don’t suppose it’s marketed as so, so what did i make of it?

Well i found a whisky that as expected was thin where mouthfeel is concerned for me, but i have to say that it was rather flavourful compared to other 40% ABV single malt whiskies that iv’e tasted. In all honesty i couldn’t help get the feeling that at high ABV Slyrs whisky could be very good indeed. Another whisky friend confirmed that he has a bottle from Slyrs bottled by That Boutique Whisky Company, and that it’s a great whisky.

This particular bottle isn’t one i’d personally purchase, more because of its presentation and where i am on my whisky trail to be honest. If i see a high ABV bottle at a good price some time in the future i would be extremely tempted to buy one. Slyrs are now firmly on my whisky radar.

This very generous sample was sent to me by my good whisky friend Phil, he, along with Slyrs whisky, and us, can be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

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