Smokehead Single Malt, 43% ABV.

Smokehead Single malt

Appearance – This is damp straw in colour, it’s very viscous on the glass, and has slow thin legs.

Nose – It has loverly BBQ sauce with pineapple rings up front, with menthol and apricots, followed by white grapes, white pepper, it’s slightly malty, with light red berries, very light tbh.

Palate – Were kicked off with loverly fruity ash, stoned fruits and tropical fruits, pineapple rings, apricots, pears and nectarines, there’s bbq meats, followed by sweet liquorice, Black pepper, and Vanilla. All rather nice and well balanced.

Finish – Its medium to long in length, peppery, chilli spice, root ginger, cinnamon and oak, a loverly spicy finish.

My thoughts – Another loverly Smokehead offering imho, plenty going on, easily accessible flavour wise, and a good price, all good stuff.

Would I buy a bottle? – yes I would, it’s a good Single malt imho, plenty to entertain at an affordable price.

Picture credit – Amazon.

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