SMWS 53.325 Caol ila Ex Madeira cask, 61.2% ABV, (blind tasted.)

SMWS 53.325 Caol ila

Appearance – Light gold/Lemon in colour, beads up on the glass, ripple effect legs.

Nose – There’s a huge ABV and peat/ash blast, lemon slice, malty and biscuity, there’s also bbq sauce, dunnage, tobacco leaves, it’s slightly maritime, with brown sugar, syrupy.

Palate – We have red berries, bonfire ash, tropical fruits, bbq sauce, it’s syrupy with Germoline, cinnamon, wood varnish, old style shoe polish, figs, cardamom, black liquorice, liquorice torpedoes, black pepper, and oak.

Finish – The finish is long, and lingering, it’s warming, with ash, bbq sauce, oak, and icing sugar.

My thoughts – This is a really nice whisky imho, if your a peat lover you’ll love this Caol ila, it has everything you would expect and that little bit more.

Would I buy a bottle? – Without a doubt yes, so much flavour, and the flavours other than peat/ash are well accessible too.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting Consortium (Twitter) & @newdramrising (Twitter).

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