SMWS 51.17 Bushmills 19yr old, 54.6% ABV, (blind tasted).

smws 51.17 bushmills

Appearance – Light Gold/Lemon in colour, very viscous, beads on the glass and has very slow thick legs.

Nose – We have wood varnish mixed with brown sugar here, Royal icing, candied lemon rind, strawberry syrup, a little menthol freshness, sultanas, and green grapes.

Palate – This has a loverly Syrupy mouthfeel, more depth, dark fruits, wood varnish, liquorice, sultanas, figs, clove, red berries, and foam banana, very nice indeed.

Finish – Long side of medium, loverly and fruity, oak, slightly tannic but not too drying, sweet pineapple 🤤.

My thoughts – This is a loverly drop of whisky, lots of depth, lots of fruit, dark fruits and berries, it’s nice and warming too, very very nice.

Would I buy a bottle? – This one doesn’t come cheap, but yes I’d buy a bottle, I thoroughly enjoyed it during the blind tasting.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting Consortium (Twitter) & @newdramrising (Twitter).

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