SMWS 140.6 Balcones ‘Wicked Wacky Wondrous’ 62.1% ABV

SMWS Wicked Wacky Wondrous

This US single malt whisky was agreed for 4 years in a Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel. A total outrun of 144 bottles.


Appearance: Rust orange (25). A beautifully thick and sticky film forms quickly on the glass. A substantial jagged tide mark encircles the glass, with a plethora of different-sized teardrops and droplets, as well as thick trails slowly emerging from the oily layer.

Nose: You can smell this whisky emanating from the glass from quite some distance, it’s lovely but definitely not unassuming. Honey, cinnamon, cherry, orange zest, candy cigarettes and an unapologetic tidal wave of ethanol. Some subtle notes of a new inner tube, pastry and apple pie with custard too.

It’s a big bold nose with plenty going on, even at this strength the aromas all have a place, are evident and well-balanced. Some pine freshness and forest vegetation.

Palate: A decent viscosity, not oily, but not thin either. ABV spice punches you in the chest with white pepper, hot aniseed, blood orange bitterness and a touch of oak dryness. Straight after the initial spicy hit, there’s the cherry and a malty honey cereal note that I wasn’t expecting, but is very welcome. I get the same notes in Irish whiskey and love it on those too. The cherry, vanilla, green apple and confectionery elements arrive after a few sips and some acclimatisation. They’re now joined by cola syrup, pine and a chilli tingle. The bitter blood orange/grapefruit note is a constant layer beneath anything else that comes along.

Finish: Long. Cherry, cola, blood orange, vanilla and faint apple. The confectionery sweetness was a welcomed balance and mellowed the finish slightly.

Overall: A lot of whisky. Big, bold, complex yet balanced and challenging at times. Love it.

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