SMWS Big Swirl 50% ABV

Released at the end of 2019, this blended malt has been aged in 1st fill Spanish oak sherry casks, as well as those matured in bourbon wood before over two years of marrying in 1st fill American oak sherry casks.

Appearance: Light caramel with an orange tint. Plenty of legs cling for some time to the glass.

Nose: Earthy oak, vanilla and honey lead, followed by feint raw sugar, quite bourbon-like. Nice and easy on the nose, with little ethanol, masking the sweeter individual aromas.
After they glass matures, there’s bananas and tropical fruit.

Although I can’t find my notes from when I first opened this bottle, probably a year ago now, I remember it being far more challenging to get into. Obviously sitting in the bottle for some time has changed that somewhat, but I’m surprised and pleased by just how much!

Palate: Nice oily mouth feel, butter and baking spices lead, quite Christmassy with cinnamon and clove. There’s a pepperiness, but it compliments the sweetness, not overpowering.
Slight metallic tingle at the back of the tongue, toward the finish, diminishes the experience slightly, which is a shame.

Finish: Short to medium. Metallic and slightly citrus acid. There’s the buyer and seller cake-like elements there, but not prominent enough for me, or to break through the metal taste as much as I’d like.

Overall: Great, right until the end, then you’re unfortunately left with the final thought of that metallicy taste. Maybe leave it another year to see what happens!?

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