SMWS Charry Charry Bang Bang, 58.5% Abv

SMWS Charry Charry Bang Bang, 58.5% Abv

Appearance – Deep amber, almost cider-like

Nose – Butter, honey, apples, red berries and candy sweets. Followed by Worther’s Originals (minty, buttery toffee). This is beautiful on the nose.

Palate – Lovely oozy mouth feel. Oily, buttery gloriousness! Menthol and citrus zest follow. Light smokiness.

Finish – Medium in length. Mint and slight smoke linger, as does the butter.

My thoughts – My favourite @smws_uk bottling so far. No need for water (I rarely feel the need).

Would I buy another bottle? – Probably not. Although it’s very nice, there are too many others to explore from SMWS to stick with one!

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