SMWS Walk-In Cigar Humidor 55.5% ABV

SMWS Walk In Cigar Humidor

Distilled: 13.02.2018 and one of only 241 bottles released. This Balcones was aged for 3 years in Texas Rum Barrique and Refill French Oak Barrique.

Appearance: Lager amber. A thin beaded swirl mark forms with an immediate series of teardrops. After a while delete also appears above a thin sticky film.

Nose: For 55.5% there’s not much ethanol. Initially very bourbon-forward with oak, honey, vanilla and cherry. There’s also a richer pastry and stewed red fruit aroma. Orange chocolate, subtle black pepper and cinnamon.

Palate: A pleasant mouthfeel, not oily but definitely not thin either. A good balance of pepper, spice and honey-drenched red berries sweetness on the first sip.
The second sip reveals some lovely Christmas spices and rush and tangy orange. There’s still a tingling from the ABV spice too, which is welcomed.
Oak appears next, bringing with it a little drying in the mouth.
After a few sips, there are some caramel and tropical fruit sweet elements that resemble rum, it’s an interesting and pleasant flavour layer.

Finish: Long. The rum notes, spices and honey all last for sure some time.

Overall: I like it, it’s got some lovely syrupy sweet elements and that hit of spice to balance. I’m a big fan of Balcones and this didn’t disappoint.

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