Spey Chairmans Choice 40% ABV

spey chairmans choice

A handsome presentation of the SPEY Chairman’s Choice single malt Scotch whisky. It comes from the Speyside Distillery, owned by Harvey’s of Edinburgh, who bought the distillery in 2012. The Chairman’s Choice release comes from a tradition started by John & Robert Harvey, where the chairman of the company would choose the finest casks of whisky on Christmas Day to share with the family.

Master Of Malt


Mid gold in colour, thick swirl line with several thick legs. #SpeysideDistillery


Damp evergreen boughs, wood wax, linseed oil, toasted tea cakes, tropical fruits, cloves, and an earthiness again. #SpeysideDistillery

Faint strawberries, cherries from a Bakewell tart, and it has a “warm” smell. #SpeysideDistillery

speyside distillery


Mouthfeel is quite nice, and honey is all over this, it’s nice and sweet. Vanilla custard with mixed berry strudel, dandelion and burdock, flat cola, and blackcurrant jam #SpeysideDistillery

Rum and raisin ice cream, brownies, and chocolate orange. #SpeysideDistillery


Medium long, with a loverly sweetness that I just can’t place atm, it’s syrup like though. Its like those jellied fruits people make, I tried an orange one once, very nice. #SpeysideDistillery

speyside distillery

My thoughts

I don’t get to taste many 40% ABV whiskies these days, mainly as a consequence of where i am on my whisk(e)y trail. Saying that, i think this is a good whisky especially flavour wise, it has plenty to offer, it’s not lacking in that department.

Available at £65 this isn’t one i’d buy, though it does have much to offer. It would be a great introduction to whisky for someone new, again it certainly has it’s place, i personally would be looking for a bit more ABV, but if someone bought me one i’d enjoy it.

A big thank you goes out to @SpeySingleMalt and @TheWhiskyWire for the opportunity to take part in this Tweet tasting, and again to @TheWhiskyWire for the use of his bottle images.

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