Spey Fumare Cask Strength – Batch 4 58% ABV

spey fumare cs batch 4

Fumare is the Latin for ‘Smoky’ and also Gaelic for ‘Peat’. This cask strength edition, bottled at 58% ABV, is Batch 4 of Speyside Distillery’s Fumare range, the first ever peated distillery bottling, which is made using peated malt and matured in ex-burbon barrels. With an outrun of 1500 bottles, non-chill-filtered and no added colour.

Appearance: White wine in colour. A lightly corrugated film made up of a lightly viscous film and thin to medium legs forms around the glass when swirled. After a short while the swirl mark beads up a little and a few droplets are also present.

Nose: A good level of alcohol from that 58%, but not overwhelming, the aromas make it through quite easily. Distant beach BBQ, dying embers, lemon zest and floral notes. There’s a nice balance between the smoke and the lighter notes.

Palate: A nice mouthfeel, not overly oily but definitely not thin. The ashy peat is still there, as is some tingling mild chilli heat, some numbing on the tongue and a little lime pickle. This dram doesn’t disguise its 58% at all. After a few more sips there’s a nice shift towards more fruity flavours. Some strawberry jam, honey and a little buttered (possibly burnt) toast. The peppery spice does build constantly in the background, increasing that chest warmth.

Finish: Medium in length. The jammy BBQ smoke dominates the finish, as does the fact that it’s a big dram.

Overall: It’s a lovely dram, full of flavour and uncompromising.

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