Spey Trutina 46% ABV

spey trutina

Released in late 2016 (alongside their first peated whisky – Fumare) and matured in bourbon casks. The name comes from a Latin way of expressing balance, and the whisky certainly falls in line with that idea. A release of 18,000 bottles.

Appearance: Very light, a white wine shade off of clear. A thin beaded tide mark and semi-viscous film form quickly when swirled. The small beads slowly morph into teardrops. After a short while several long and thin to medium sticky trails form.

Nose: Lovely and sweet. Confectionary sugar-dusted orchard fruits, pastry, brown sugar, malt, and custard/vanilla ice cream. After a bit more nosing the aromas become lighter and more refreshing: fruit chews, a little more tropical/lemon-like and some floral honey too. Definitely a summer dram this one.

Palate: A lovely silky mouthfeel and pleasingly sweet/spice balance on the first sip. Plenty of vanilla and honey, along with gentle black pepper, cinnamon and a little chocolate. Some malt and cereal appear next, honey nut cornflakes. The gentle heat and spice build to warm the throat and chest, there’s a touch of drying in the throat too.

Finish: Medium in length. The vanilla, honey and general confectionary notes flow through the palate to the finish. A little black pepper heat and cinnamon chocolate make it too, adding that nice balance present on the palate. Good consistency.

Overall: It’s a very nice dram indeed, very moreish and a real easy sipper. Great balance of lovely confectionary sweet and floral aromas and flavours. The mouthfeel is great too, a real surprise. Recommended.

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