Spey Trutina 46% ABV

spey trutina

A well-balanced single malt from the SPEY range released in late 2016 (alongside their first peated whisky – Fumare) matured in bourbon casks. The name comes from a Latin way of expressing balance, and the whisky certainly falls in line with that idea. A release of 18,000 bottles.

Master of malt


Light gold, white wine in colour, quite a thick swirl line on my Glencairn, with several thick legs. #SpeysideDistillery


Straight off I get pancakes and Yorkshire puddings, then it’s a little foresty, cereals and grains, and green apple skins. #SpeysideDistillery

Turkish delight, rose water, and vanilla. #SpeysideDistillery

speyside distillery


Mouthfeel is ok, and lemon curd is here, didn’t get it in the nose tbh. Guava and pomelo, and it’s a little spicy now. Bitter lemon coming through, vanilla syrup in milky coffee, and a little earthy too. #SpeysideDistillery

Becoming nutty now, hazelnuts, chocolate spread, cigar leaves, liquorice allsorts. #SpeysideDistillery


Medium long, and a continuation of the bulk of the palate. Gently warming now with chocolate raisins. #SpeysideDistillery

speyside distillery

My thoughts

I missed the chance to apply for this tasting last year, but my Whiskey Chaps partner did send over a couple of samplers as he did that tasting. I rather enjoyed them, so definitely fancied this tasting, and i’m pleased i did.

I enjoyed this whisky, it’s been matured in an ex bourbon barrel, which really suits me perfectly. I have to say there’re plenty of flavours in it, and it’s good at 46% ABV also, it also develops nicely, becoming quite chocolatey towards the end. I can’t say this is real complex dram, but at around £42 it certainly has its place, and i’d happily have a bottle.

A big thank you goes out to @SpeySingleMalt and @TheWhiskyWire for the opportunity to take part in this Tweet tasting, and again to @TheWhiskyWire for the use of his bottle images.

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